Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR)

Civil Aviation Regulations, which came to effect on March 2001, regulates any instrument of authorization (being a licence, permission, certificate, permit, document of authorization or circular) issued, published or granted by the Director or his predecessors in that the equivalent of his office. These instruments shall take effect as if issued, published or granted under these regulations and shall otherwise be subject to these regulations.

The complete index of CAR parts are listed below (in PDF format).

Number Title Amendment Date
Part 01 Commencement and Interpretation May 2012
Part 02 Application Jun 2002
Part 03 Administration and Enforcement Jun 2002
Part 04 Registration and Marking of Aircraft Dec 2007
Part 05 Airworthiness of Aircraft Jan 2009
Part 06 Maintenance, Repair, Modification and Overhaul of Aircraft,
Maintenance Engineers and Aircraft Weight Schedule
Jan 2009
Part 07 REPEALED Dec 2011
Part 08 REPEALED Jan 2009
Part 09 Licensing of Flight Crew May 2007
Part 10 Conditions of Flight Jun 2002
Part 11 Rules of Air Jun 2002
Part 12 Air Traffic Control Oct 2010
Part 13 Replaced by MCAR-139 Jun 2012
Part 14 Other Services for Civil Aviation Jun 2002
Part 15 Operation of Aircraft Mar 2008
Part 16 Protection of the Environment Jun 2002
Part 17 Accident Investigation May 2009
Part 18 Replaced by MCAR-139 Jun 2012
Part 19 Airport and Aircraft Security May 2005
Part 20 Fees for Licenses etc. and Charges for Airport Navigation Services Mar 2008
Part 21 Safety Management Systems Jan 2009


16/11/2015:MCAR-1 16/11/2015:MCAR-11 16/11/2015Approved Examiners
2013-01, Twin Otter, 8Q-TMK, Accident Report
20/04/2015 NPRM No:2015-05 updated
01/01/2015MCAR Air Operation
01/01/2015MCAR AirCrew