Personnel Licensing Manual - Issue 3

This manual prescribes the Maldives rules relating to the licensing of Flight Crew, Flight Dispatchers, Aircraft Engineers, and Air Traffic Controllers. The standards prescribed in ICAO Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention are used throughout. It is written under the general authority of division 2 of the Civil Aviation Regulations, and its provisions must be complied with.

The aviation activity in the Maldives is too small to support or justify a stand-alone licensing system, and the CAD relies on the licensing systems of larger states for much of the work involved. The CAD provides a quality system for auditing qualifications obtained in other states, and issues validations and licences based upon them. It also adds ratings to licences once they have been issued.

Part 1

Part 2

Application Forms

  • CAD/OPS/02 - Application for Issue of Student Pliot Permit
  • CAD/OPS/03 - Application for Issue / Renewal of Cabin Crew Licence and Inclusion of Rating
  • CAD/OPS/04 - Application for Issue for Validation of Foreign Flight Crew Licence
  • CAD/OPS/05 - Application for Issue of Commercial Pilot Licence (On Foreign Basis)
  • CAD/OPS/06 - ATPL - Foreign Basis
  • CAD/OPS/07 - application for the Inclusion of Rating in a Licence
  • CAD/OPS/08 - Renewal Flight Crew Licence
  • CAD/OPS/09 - Application for Issue / Renewal of Flight Operations Officer / Flight Dispatcher License
  • CAD/OPS/10 - Application for Issue of Private Pilot Licence (On Foreign Basis)
  • CAD/OPS/11 - Application for Issue for Private Pilot Licence
  • CAD/OPS/12 - Application for Issue of Commercial Pilot Licence
  • CAD/OPS/13 - Application for Issue of Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • CAD_Form_1175 - FTO / TRTO Approval


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