SMS Management

Maldives Aviation Safety Programme

On this page we provide an overview of the various activities that are being carried out towards the regulation and implementation of Maldives Aviation Safety Programme (MASP) at various levels in the Maldives. Information on this website is organised to provide necessary information and guidance to facilitate implementation and establishment of MASP. The site describes safety management activities in the Maldives.

ICAO Principles

"In all of its highly coordinated safety activities, ICAO strives to implement practical and achievable measures to improve safety and efficiency in all sectors of the air transportation system. This approach ensures that aviation's complimentary achievements of a remarkably safe and efficient air transport network continue to serve a fundamental role in supporting global social and economic priorities."

The Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP), which sets up targeted safety objectives over the next 15 years, was endorsed in October 2013 and fosters an advanced safety oversight system including predictive risk management.

Annex 19 became applicable on 14 November 2013 and re-enforces the role played by the State in managing safety at the State level in coordination with service providers. The first edition focuses on transferring the overarching safety management provisions from Annexes 1, 6, 8, 11, 13 and 14, with some limited novelties (see the ICAO website for further explanations).


The following are applicable regulations for service provider SMS.

1. CAR Part 21 Safety Management Systems - Effective from January 2009

2. ASC-00-2 Safety Managment System - Effective from 3 December 2008

SMS Guidance Materials

Below are information and guidance materials prepared by the CAA Safety Review Group for service providers to assist and guide them in evaluation of the organisation and the implementation of SMS.

1. ICAO GAP Analysis Template

Below are guidance materials and tools prepared by other parties. Service Providers are advised to use relevant materials from these sources

1. Guidance materials published by the UK CAA can be found here

2. Guidance materials published by European Commercial Aviation Safety Team (ECAST) can be viewed from here

3. Guidance materials published by ICAO can be viewed from below
3.1. Safety Management
3.2. Safety Management IKit
3.3. Safety Management Toolkit
3.4. Safety Management International Collaboration Group
3.5. ICAO Runway Safety Site

4.  Guidance materials published by IATA can be viewed from below
4.1. Safety
4.2. Support Consistent Implementation of SMS

5. Guidance materials published by Airport Council International can be viewed from here


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