Accidents and Incidents

All accidents and serious incidents are investigated by the Accident Investingation Coordination Committee (AICC) of Maldives. Please find the official accident and incident reports published by AICC here. A summary of all previous accidents can be found here.

- Incident: 2015-01, Incident Report on 8Q-VAS (ATR 72-212A) Gan International Airport, Addu City, Maldives on 21st May 2015

- Accident: 2015-01, Preliminary Report on the accident to Viking Air DHC-6-300, 8Q-MAN near Kuredu Resort, Maldives on 2nd July 2015

- Accident: 2013-01, Twin Otter, 8Q-TMK, at Ibrahim Nasir international Airport, Water Runway on 02nd Auguest 2013

- Accident: 2012-03, Twin Otter, 8Q-MAT, at Ibrahim Nasir international Airport, Water Runway on 09th February 2012

- Accident: 2012-02, Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, at Gan International Airport, Maldives on 01st February 2012
- Accident: 2012-01, De Havilland, DHC-6-300, 8Q-TMT, Collision with the fixed platform at Condrad(Rangali) South Ari Atoll on 9th July 2012

- Accident: 2011-01, De Havilland, DHC-6-300, 8Q-TMD, Crash at Biyadhoo Training Lagoon, 11 July 2011

- Accident: 2010-01, De Havilland, DHC-6-300, 8Q-TMK, Right wing struck on water at Cocoa Palm/Dhunikolhu Island Resort (Baa Atoll), 10 March 2010.

- Accident: 2009-01, De Haviland DHC-6-200, 8Q-MAG, Crash at the reef of Halaveli Resort Lagoon , 02 June 2009

- Accident: 2008-01, De Haviland DHC-6-300, 8Q-MAS, Collision with a Speedboat at Adaaran Club Bathala, 14 July 2008

- Accident: 2004-01, De Havilland DHC-6-300, 8Q-TMC, Collision with Seawall at Male' International Airport, 17 May 2004

- Accident: 2001-01, De Havilland DHC-6-100, 8Q-TMA, Collision with 8Q-TMH at Sun Island, 19 February 2001


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