Aeronautical Information Publications


AIP - Maldives, published by The Maldives Airports Company Limited, prepared in accordance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) of Annex 15 to the Chicago Convention, forms part of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package of which details are given in Section GEN 3.1. The AIP is divided into three parts, General (GEN), En-route (ENR) and Aerodromes (AD), each divided into sections and subsections as applicable containing various types of information subjects. Additional information is added in the form of AIP Supplements and NOTAMs. Please refer to the following link to download AIP, AIP Supplements, AIC and NOTAMs.


31/12/2015Approved Examiners
01/01/2015MCAR Air Operation
01/01/2015MCAR AirCrew
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
AT 01/2014 - Travel Restrictions to and from countries heavily affected by the Ebola virus disease
25/09/2014:Snr Air Transport Officer - Job Vacancy
07/12/2013:International Civil Aviation Day 2013