MCAR, introduced in July '07, is aimed at complying with ICAO requirements and harmonisation with international standards, eg EASA. It will ultimately replace existing CAR's and MAR's and unify civil aviation regulations in the Maldives.

Table of Contents
Part Title Amendement Status
MCAR-173 Instrument Flight Procedure Design Initial Issue, 01/06/12
MCAR-139 Aerodrome Rules Initial Issue, 27/05/12
MCAR-18 Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air Initial Issue, 07/01/10
MCAR-1 Definitions and Abbreviations Amendment 4, 05/01/10
MCAR-11 Air Traffic Services Amendment 1, 30/07/09
MCAR-12 Aircraft Accidents, Incidents and Statistics Amendment 1, 26/05/09
MCAR-13 Search and Rescue Initial Issue, 1/10/10
MCAR-14 DELETED 28/05/2012
MCAR-145 Approved Maintenance Organisations Amendment 3, 25/05/09
MCAR-147 Approved Maintenance Training Organisations Amendment 1, 08/02/09
MCAR-15 Aeronautical Information Services Initial Issue, 1/10/10
MCAR-187 Aviation Charges Amendment 2, 20/01/11
MCAR-2 Rules of the Air Initial Issue, 07/01/10
MCAR-21 Initial Airworthiness Issue 2, 31/12/13
MCAR-4 Aeronautical Charts Initial Issue, 1/10/10
MCAR-47 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks Issue 2, 31/12/13
MCAR-5 Units of Measurement to be used in Air and Ground Operations Initial Issue, 1/10/10
MCAR-65 Air Traffic Controller Licensing Amendment 1, 17/10/10
MCAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licensing Amendment 2, 25/05/09
MCAR-M Continuing Airworthiness Amendment 4, 25/05/09
MCAR-OPS 1 Commercial Air Transport (Aeroplanes) Amendment 2, 01/07/10


07/12/2013:International Civil Aviation Day 2013
MCAR-66 Examination Time Table
18/09/2012:ASC-OPS1-5-Performance Based Navigation
NPRM-20013-05 - MCAR-Air Crew
NPRM-20013-04 - MCAR-Air Oprations
29/08/2013:NPRM-20013-03 - Approved Maintenance Organisations
29/11/2012:ASC-AT-01/2012 - Change of Management and Operational Control of INIA