Air Safety Circulars

The complete list of air safety circulars including General Circulars, Airworthiness Circulars and Operations Circulars are listed here for download (in PDF format).

Table of Contents

Number Title Amendment Date
ASC-OPS1-5 Performance Based Navigation Initial Issue,01/09/2012
ASC-139-3 The Maldives Runway Safety Programme (MRSP) Initial Issue , 01/06/2012
ASC-139-4 Formation of Local Runway Safety Team (LRST) Initial Issue , 01/06/2012
ASC-139-5 Aerodrome Standards Mannual Issue 2, 2014-06-08
ASC-139-6 Wildlife Control Programme Initial Issue , 01/06/2012
ASC-139-7 Notification of Changes to Aerodromes Initial Issue , 27/05/2012
ASC-139-8 Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics Initial Issue, 2014-06-05
ASC-139-9 Procedure for the Reporting of Tall Structures Initial Issue, 2014-06-05
ASC-66-1 Validation of Foreign Licences of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Amendment 1 , 12/11/2014
ASC-M-1 Approval of Organisations for Maintenance of Aircraft and Components Amendment 2 , 27/05/2009
ASC-M-2 Authorisation System for Airships, Sailplanes and Balloon Certifying Staff Initial Issue, 06/06/2009
ASC-FCL-1.055-1 Training Organisations for Pilot Licences and Ratings (FTOs and TRTOs) Amendment 1 , 06/06/2009
ASC-OPS1-1 Requirements for Personnel involved in Operational Control Initial Issue, 06/06/2009
ASC-OPS1-2 Ground Handling Initial Issue, 06/06/2009
ASC-OPS1-3 Flight Safety Document System Initial Issue,07/01/2010
ASC-OPS1-4 Aircraft Leasing Initial Issue, 2014-06-10
ASC-187-1 Governments rates 25/11/07
ASC-00-1 Maintenance Personnel Duty Time Limitations Amendment 2, 24/07/2011
ASC-21-1 Check Flights for Continuing Airworthiness Management Amendment 2 , 18/03/2009
ASC-00-2 Safety Managment System Initial Issue, 03/12/2008
ASC-00-3 Additional Requirements for Air Navigations Service Providers Initial Issue, 2014-06-05
ASC-00-4 Aerodrome Flight Information Service Initial Issue, 2015-05-12
ASC-14-2 Procedure and requirements for licensing water Aerodromes and floating platforms Initial Issue, 18/01/2009
General Circulars
Number Title Amendment Date
GEN-01 Foreword 14/02/2007
GEN-02 Airworthiness publications-General Information 16/01/05
GEN-04 Security control for screening liquids, gels, aerosols, etc. for carry-on baggage 28/01/07
GEN-05 Drug testing programme Amendment 1 , 08/02/2011
Airworthiness Circulars
Number Title Amendment Date
AW-01 REPEALED 03/08/08
AW-02 REPEALED 04/01/09
AW-03 Dispensing of fuel from barreled suppliers 02/11/93
AW-05 REPEALED 03/05/09
AW-08 REPEALED 26/12/11
AW-09 Marking of "Emergency Exit" and "Break-In" area on fuselage 15/08/92
AW-10 REPEALED 03/08/08
AW-12 Emergency Locator Transmitter with 406MHz 03/08/00
AW-13 REPEALED 04/01/09
AW-14 REPEALED 04/01/09
AW-15-2 Aircraft Maintenance Training 05/12/06
Operations Circulars
Number Title Amendment Date
OPS-01 Pilot-in-command under supervision 05/11/91
OPS-02 Flight crew training and periodical test to maintain validity of flight crew licence 21/11/01
OPS-03 Hot Start-Turbine Engines 31/08/92
OPS-04 Personnel Licensing 25/08/03
OPS-05 Air Operators Certificate 23/08/01
OPS-06 Provisioning of minimum spares and equipment at Male' International Airport by airlines 16/12/92
OPS-07 Adherence to air traffic control procedures 12/01/93
OPS-08 Passenger safety briefing cards 14/02/93
OPS-09 Minimum fuel and Oil In-flight for public transport aircraft 16/07/02
OPS-11 Flight attendant requirements 15/06/03
OPS-12 Installation of stand alone GPS equipment 06/09/95
OPS-13 Protective Glove Requirement 12/04/95
OPS-14 Third Party Liability Insurance 20/11/95
OPS-15 Smoking on Domestic flights 30/04/97
OPS-16 Global Navigation Satellite Systems Operations 31/12/98
OPS-17 Operation Specifications 11/07/01
OPS-18 Smoking ban on international passenger flights 01/10/99
OPS-19 Fueling with passengers on board 01/05/00
OPS-20 Accident Prevention and Air Operator Flight Safety Programme 15/09/04
OPS-21 REPEALED 01/06/12
OPS-24 Load Sheets 07/10/02
OPS-25 Replaced by MCAR-139 27/05/12
OPS-28 Air Traffic Controller's Class 3 Medical 01/06/05


04/06/2015Approved Examiners
2013-01, Twin Otter, 8Q-TMK, Accident Report
20/04/2015 NPRM No:2015-05 updated
01/01/2015MCAR Air Operation
01/01/2015MCAR AirCrew
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
AT 01/2014 - Travel Restrictions to and from countries heavily affected by the Ebola virus disease
25/09/2014:Snr Air Transport Officer - Job Vacancy
07/12/2013:International Civil Aviation Day 2013