Exemptions from Regulations

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Exemptions from MCAR-66 (Initial Issue, 21 April 2008)

No Title
EXE/66-1 MCAR-66 Section 1 Appendix II Para 1.11

Exemptions from MCAR-OPS 1 (Initial Issue, 21 April 2008)

No Title
EXE/OPS1-1 MCAR-OPS 1.255 - Fuel policy
EXE/OPS1-2 MCAR-OPS 1.660 - Altitude alerting system
EXE/OPS1-3 MCAR-OPS 1.665 - Ground proximity warning system and terrain awareness warning system
EXE/OPS1-4 MCAR-OPS 1.730 - Seats, seat safety belts, harnesses and child restraint devices
EXE/OPS1-5 MCAR-OPS 1.865 - Communication and navigation equipment for operation under IFR, or under VFR over routes not navigated by reference to visual landmarks

Exemptions from MCAR-21

No Title
EXE/21-1 Removed on 06 January 2011

Exemptions from ASC 00-1

No Title
EXE/ASC 00-1-1 Removed on 06 January 2011

Exemptions from MCAR-M (Initial Issue, 15 April 2009)

No Title
EXE/M-1 MCAR-M.201(g)

Exemptions from MAR C09

No Title
EXE/MAR C09-1 Removed on 06 January 2011


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