AIC - Aeronautical Information Circulars

Aic_2_13 Change in Administration 16/04/13
Aic_1_13 Checklist of AIC 17/02/13
aic_11_12 Kooddoo (VRMO) Airport 10/12/12
aic_10_12 CPDLC Trials in the Male' FIR 09/10/12
Aic 7_12 Twilight times for Gan Island / Gan International Airport 09/10/12
Number Title Date
Aic 6_12 Construction of New Passenger terminal building at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport 18/07/12
Aic 4_12 Dredging and reclamation activities at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport 27/05/12
Aic 5_11 New order form for the Subcription of AIP 15/09/12
Aic 4_11 Advance Passenger Information (AIP) Requirement 04/08/11
Aic 2_11 Sunset, Sunrise and beginning and end of twilight times for Airports of Maldives 27/03/11
Aic 1_11 Checklist of AIC 01/01/11
Aic 3_10 Change in Address 05/08/10
Aic 2_10 Change in Addministration 05/08/10
Aic 9_08 Changes in Address 21/12/08
Aic 8_08 Changes in Administration 01/12/08
Aic 7_08 Air Traffic services facility development 01/12/08
Aic 6_08 Confidential aviation Incident reporting programme 01/12/08
Aic 5_08 Deletion of Flight level transition areas from RVSm to non-RVSM airspace within Male' FIR 10/09/08
Aic 4_08 VFR Procedures 17/08/08
Aic 5_06 Overseas Remittance to Civil Aviation Department 01/10/06
Aic 2_06 Examination Procedures 23/01/06
Aic 2_04 VFR Float Plane arrival and depature routes maps 15/01/04


04/06/2015Approved Examiners
2013-01, Twin Otter, 8Q-TMK, Accident Report
20/04/2015 NPRM No:2015-05 updated
01/01/2015MCAR Air Operation
01/01/2015MCAR AirCrew
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
AT 01/2014 - Travel Restrictions to and from countries heavily affected by the Ebola virus disease
25/09/2014:Snr Air Transport Officer - Job Vacancy
07/12/2013:International Civil Aviation Day 2013