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MCAR-66 Examination: Announcement 02 July 2015.
Procument Officer 14 April 2015 at 1600hrs.
(IUL)201-B/1/2014/23: Staff Appraisal System Tender 28 Oct 2014 at 1400hrs.
Job Vacancy: (IUL)201-A/1/2014/21 Snr. Air Transport Officer 16 Oct 2014.
Press Release: Commencement of TigerAir-Singapore services to Maldives.
ICAO Announces 2013 Theme for International Civil Aviation Day.
from the Minister In-Charge of Maldives Civil Aviation Authority Colonel Retired Mohamed Nazim on the Occasion of International Civil Aviation Day 2013.
Message from the Minister of Transport and Communication Col (RT) Mohamed Nazim and the President of the Council of ICAO Mr. ROBERTO KOBEH GONZÁLEZ on the Occasion of International Civil Aviation Day 2012
Press Release : Trans Maldivian Airways Aircraft 8Q-TMT Accident, 09 June 2012.
Press Release : Maldivian Air Taxi Aircraft 8Q-MAT Accident, 09 Feb 2012.

Message from the Minister of Transport and Communication Honourable Mohamed Adil Saleem the Occasion of International Civil Aviation Day 2011
Message from the President of ICAO on the Occasion of International Civil Aviation Day 2011

Timetable: MCAR-66 Modular Exams (December '11 session)

MCAR-66 Examination Announcement: 11-14 December 2011

Press Release Asian Academy of Aeronautics - 14 Mar 2011

Press Release - 201-PR/2010/01 - 11 Feb 2010

201-ASD/2009/04 - 8Q - MAG Accident News release

What Can I Carry - MALDIVES

Ulan No: 69-CA-A/UL/2009/01: Announcement Regarding Air Safety Circular AW 15 - Aircraft Maintenance Training.

Circular - No: 88-CA-F/CIR/2008/03

ICAO News Releases

ICAO Audit Report : Summary report on the Safety Oversight Audit Follow-up of the Civil Aviation Department

Circular - No: 88-CA-E/CIR/2008/02

13/03/2008: English Language Proficiency Requirements: Aviation English or "plain language" is the language stipulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization as the language in which pilots must have a proficiency level 4 or above on the scale issued in Doc 9835 AN/453.

31/12/2007: MCAR-66 Examination

Civil Aviation Department (CAD) has come to an agreement with Sri Lankan Technical Training Center, Sri Lanka (mCAR-147 Approved organisation) to conduct MCAR-66 examinations in Maldives on behalf of CAD.....

28/12/2007: Sharp focus on Safety and Environmental Protection in 2007 - ICAO News release

31/12/2007: MCAR-66 Examination

30/11/2007: International Civil Aviation Day (130KB)

28/11/2007: MCAR-66 Examination


04/06/2015Approved Examiners
2013-01, Twin Otter, 8Q-TMK, Accident Report
20/04/2015 NPRM No:2015-05 updated
01/01/2015MCAR Air Operation
01/01/2015MCAR AirCrew
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
22/10/2014:Cessna 150, 8Q-GAB, Accident Report
AT 01/2014 - Travel Restrictions to and from countries heavily affected by the Ebola virus disease
25/09/2014:Snr Air Transport Officer - Job Vacancy
07/12/2013:International Civil Aviation Day 2013